Meeting for foreigners to strengthen demographic development in our region.

Tuesday, 23rd og March 2021 at: 10:30 AM
Hi, my fellow foreigners!
We will have special guests from Vik on 23.03.2021, here in Klaustur. They are working on the project regarding strengthening demographic development in our region. You might be familiar with the project of the survey which, was posted not long time ago. They would love to know us a bit better, to understand our concerns and problems. Thanks to the kindness of the Systrakaffi owners we have the possibility to make this happen. To make you more comfortable, meeting with Vala Hauksdóttir and Mateusz Borokowski from Katla center in Vík, will be one to one, but totally casual. The meeting will not be longer than 20-30 minutes.
I will ask you to write in the comment or in a private message on facebook, at what time you are able to come for coffee and talk. We will start at 10:30 probably till 15:00, but of course, if you are at work just let me know, and definitely we will try to work something out!