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Skaftárhreppur is about 6,800 km2 and is one of the largest municipalities in Iceland. The municipality is about 7% of Iceland. To the west lies the boundary near Blautukvísl in Mýrdalssandur, around Höfðabrekkujökull / Kötlujökull and Mýrdalsjökull. To the east dominate county boundaries near Sandgígjukvísl in Skeiðarársandur. To the north are the boundaries of Vatnajökull and after Tungnaá.

The Skaftárhreppur district, the eastern part of West Skaftafellssýsla, stretches from the river Blautakvísl at Mýrdalssandur in the west, to the Sandgígjukvísl river at Skeiðarársandur in the east.

In the municipality there is one urban core, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, which is centrally located in the district. Kirkjubæjarklaustur has developed into a village, the only centre of population in the district, with about 120 inhabitants. There you find gas station, swimming pool, gym, grocery store, Health center, school, nursing home, ATM bank and more


Social Services

The Social Services Agency of Rangárvalla- and vestur Skaftafellssýsla Districts provide to individuals and families diverse services, such as social counselling, financial aid, domestic services, supportive services or services concerning housing problems. On the one hand, social counselling consists in information provision and instructions on issues of social rights and, on the other hand, in providing assistance in social and personal problems.

The Social Services Agency provides services to residents of Ásahreppur, Rangárþing ytra, Rangárþing eystra, Mýrdalshreppur and Skaftárhreppur Districts. The office is located in Hella; however, the officials provide services to individuals in Mýrdalshreppur and Skaftárhreppur Districts in their place of living at their request.

You can contact the Social Services Agency at 487 8125 or via e-mail at

Emergency call: 112



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Would you like to learn Icelandic?

Fræðslunet Suðurlands

Fræðslunetið – símenntun á Suðurlands is a lifelong learning center located in the South coast of Iceland, founded in 1999 by municipalities, companies and main associations in the southern area of Iceland.
There are 12 employees and up to 50 teachers and instructors who work on various projects on behalf of Fræðslunetið. The main office is located in Selfoss the largest town on the south coast. Also there are four stations along the south coast, in Hvolsvöllur, Vík í Mýrdal, Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Höfn í Hornafirði.
Our main goal is to offer courses for adults, develop educational opportunities for low-skilled individuals and to encourage people on the labor market to practice continuous education and career development. Fræðslunetið focus groups are those who have not completed the upper secondary level of education which is about 30% of the labor force in the area. The main issue is to enable individuals from our target group to achieve further education as to strengthen and improve their employability. Another focus group are immigrants who come from different countries, mostly Europeans. They need Icelandic language courses which are performed in five different levels and other special programs designed for immigrants to enable them to settle down in a new country.

Our courses:  Icelandic for foreigners (5 levels).

But... if there are no courses available for me?

Would you like to learn Icelandic but there are no courses available at the moment. Here you find some information about what you can do by yourself.  Learn Icelandic

Service/Önnur þjónusta

At this page you find information about the service you can get in Skaftárhreppur.

Informations about all that you should see and do in Skaftárhreppur on the page

What about the garbage? How to sort?

Here you find information about sorting and the container yard. In Skaftárhreppur we try hard to take care of the Environment, including sorting the garbage.

What is going on? 

There are a few pages on Facebook where you can see what is going on, who is selling what, who is giving something and can take passengers with me when I´m going to Reykjavík. Try to open these pages and follow to see what is going on in Skaftárhreppur. 

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