Námsframboð - Study offer

Fræðslunet Suðurlands er símenntunarmiðstöð -  is a lifelong learning center located in the South coast of Iceland.

Íslenskunámskeið fyrir erlenda, ýmis námskeið, raunfærinmat og fleira. Icelandic courses and many other study offerw.

Would you like to learn Icelandic but there are no courses available at the moment.

Viltu læra íslensku en það eru ekki námskeið í boði?

Here is some information about what you can do by yourself.

The University of Iceland has made Icelandiconline.com a very good web for beginners to learn Icelandic. The web is Interactive. Open for everyone and Free.

On the webpage Tungumálatorg you can find many links to something that can help you learn Icelandic. One of the best you find there are those four books; Íslenska fyrir alla that tells you everything about the basic in Icelandic.

The web Velkominn is Online and Free. There are lot of useful icelandic sentences, you can read or listen how to pronounce.  

You can find easy app: Drops for beginners. Part of it is free but you can also pay for it and then you get much more.

Here are 56 videos, 1 - 3 min each Something easy for beginners about basic grammar and vocabulary. How quick can you learn new word are you? Watch and listen. Watch again and write down. Watch the third time and repeat.
Do it again a week later. Feel the difference

Very good Dictionary where you can get the meaning and pronunciation of most common Icelandic words. Free and online

Very useful Dictionary where you find how to conjugate every Icelandic word. Free and online

Snara.is On this web you find many Dictionaries: Icelandic and English, Danish, Polish, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. This is excellent for students that really like to learn Icelandic, translate or write on Icelandic. For two years you pay 9600 ISK, for one month 600 ISK. You can choose your subscription.

Employers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with what is available to foreign workers and see what study offers above might be suitable for their people. 

Atvinnurekendur eru hvattir til að kynna sér hvað er í boði fyrir erlent starfsfólk og skoða hvað af þessu sem hér er bent á gæti hentað þeirra starfsfólki. 


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Do you want to speak Icelandic? To learn Icelandic, you must acquire Icelandic words and know how to pronounce them correctly. Our free online lessons are tailored to help you learn Icelandic effectively. In addition, our voice recording feature allows you to listen to your pronunciation, providing instant feedback to help you improve your Icelandic.

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LingoHut delivers online Icelandic lessons designed the way you learn best. Activities and games make learning more effective, more personal, and more fun. In addition, our drip-feed approach dramatically increases your ability to retain the Icelandic language. Thus, preparing you with the Icelandic you need for a trip or getting a job.