What about the garbit?

The local government and residents of Skaftárhreppur all make a great contribution to protecting the environment, sorting well and wasting as little as possible.

Please put paper and plastic in two clear plastic bags and then put in the green barrel.

The container yard at Kirkjubæjarklaustur is open every day for the return of household waste. You can enter the container yard or return to the recycling bar.

The container yard is all open and there is an assistant who assists with sorting:

Tuesdays 10 to 14      Thursdays 14 to 18       Saturdays 10 to 14

Returnable packaging can be placed in a box and the senior citizens receive the profits. A container for organic waste is inside the container yard as well as a place for electronics and more. Classification instructions, in Icelandic and English.

In this brochure you find information about how to sort the garbit at home before you bring it to the bin or the container yard.

Please add plastic in clear plastic bag and also the paper if you add it to the green bin. You do not have to do this if you add it straigt to the container or the recycling bar.

How to sort the garbit?

The recycling bar

What goes where?