Mr. Moss

Mr. MOSS is the voice and face of all Icelandic moss. Is a funny, entertaining and an educational animated short movie which shows Mr. Moss advising on how we - human beings - should change our behaviors in order to protect and respect his life.
A wake-up call to all the people visiting and staying in Iceland as well a reflection about our responsibility over the Icelandic nature & heritage.


In Skaftárhreppur you find a lot of Moss. Moss is very vulnerable plant. Mr. Moss tells us about how to should behave so we do not spill the moss. (1.40 min)

Víða í Skaftárhreppi eru mosabreiður. Mosi er viðkvæmur og Mr. Moss segir okkur allt um hvernig við eigum að haga okkur úti í náttúrunni til að skemma ekki mosann. (1.40 min)