The Gold Nugget

The Gold Nugget (Photo: Lilja M)
The Gold Nugget (Photo: Lilja M)

The Gold Nugget is an artwork by the Icelandic artist duo YottaZetta. The artists applied bright gold paint to a tiny house containing the intake of a small hydropower-station that was constructed in the early 20th century by local farmers, long before the state built a network of much larger power plants in the '70s. This first chapter in Iceland´s history of harnessing hydropower was mostly forgotten, but recently small local hydropower is being globally recognized as a significant and important alternative to the large scale power plants, requiring large dams and long range high-voltage networks. The artists want to emphasize the importance of these first, enthusiastic energy-projects, of which the Klaustur power plant is one of the few still running. 

More info about YottaZetta and the artwork and powerplants in Skaftárhreppur at:


Sign near the artwork

This sign will be added near the Gold nugget when the land is not frosen and we can go up there easily. 

Those who paid for this artwork: Uppbyggingarsjóður Sass, Katla geopark, Skaftárhreppur and Eignarhaldsfélag Brunabótafélag Íslands.