Residential waste - Home sorting information brochure.
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New home sorting information brochure is out. Here we can see how to sort the residential garbage in Skaftárhreppur and Klaustur.

What is about to change is that we sepparate paper, plastic and metal. Organic/food wastes should be sorted and home composting is recommended.

At the waste container court we will have bins/boxex/containers for more sorting of residential wastes.

At Skaftárvellir we will still have the green and the gray bins at home but mainly for recycled materials, but inside we asdjust smaller bins for smaller packaging items like plastic, glass or metal. To addition with that we will have in two places group of bins for normal residental wastes, plus bins for organic materials.

West/South of Skaftárvellir we will plant groups of bins. One group of bins will be at Skerjavellir 3, two groups of bins at the entrance of Skerjavellir 1,3 and 5 and one group of bins at Klausturvegur 2. The bins we have at home in this area will be removed from the houses through this experimental perod through the year 2020

We will execute this in next 5-9 days, we hope the weather conditions will be in favour for us.

Hope this will explain in general but dont hesitate to contact me at or at mobile 897-4837 Ólafur Júlíusson 


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