"SJÓRĆNINGINN" í félagsheimilinu Kirkjuhvoli sunnudaginn 15. júlí kl 21:00
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„Sjórćninginn“ í félagsheimilinu Kirkjuhvoli sunnudaginn 15. júlí kl. 21.00.

"The Musial Humors of Captain Tobias Hume" hefur veriđ sýnt, međal annars, í Borgarleikhúsiđ, London, Hafnarfjörđur, París, Akureyri, Los Angeles, Seyđisfjörđur, Höfn í Hornafirđí,

San Diego , á Írskum Dögum á Akranesí, Keil og Neustadt í Ţýskalandí og á allţjóđa kontrabassaráđstefna í Bandaríkinum.

In this performance I attempt to establish, in a humorous and thoughtful

manner, the aesthetic similarities/connections between the French

Impressionists, the American "beat" generation , and the anti-Puritan

spirit of Elisabethan England.

In the first part the texts and music are performed simultaneusly. The "accompanyments" for Orosino´s monolouge, "pennycandystore" and CIA dope calypso" are my own compositions. The texts of "Barbara" and "pennycandystore" are delivered both in french and english.

Bassically (pun intended) what I  do in the "captain Hume" part is super-impose the 19th

century "old vienna tuning" (den alter Vienner stimmung )of the "D" violone (F´A´D F#A) over the music and sometimes under the texts of Captain Tobias Hume (1569?-1645) , a Scottish musician and mercenary soldier. Both my Violone and I are clad in 17th century gear: the bass with gut strings. No small amount of acting is also required



                             music                                                                                           text

Gymnopedie #1- Erik Satie/uts. d.Ferrell                                  L'aprčs-midi d'un faune-Stéphane Mallarmé


  La Belle-15. öld anon. frönsk/uts. d.f.                                       Rappelle-toi Barbara-Jaques Prévert/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


                                                                                                         Ţýđing -Lawerence Ferlinghetti

The pennycandystore beyond the EL                                     the pennycandystore beyond the EL

 Dean Ferrell                                                                                  Lawerence Ferlinghetti

                                                                                                        ţýđing- Benjamin Allemand

húgleiđing um "El cant des ocells"                                            Greifinn Orosino´s ávrarp frá 13. kvöld

 dean ferrell                                                                                    William Shakespeare

variations on "la bamba"- dean ferrell                                        C.I.A. dope calypso

                                                                                                           Alan Ginsburg

                                               The Musicall Humours of Captain Tobias Hume

                                                                                (1605, 2004)

"The Souldeir´s song "

voice and Violone


"To the understanding reader"

text solo

"My Mistress hath a Pretty Thing"

"She loves it Well"

"Hit it in the Middle"

"Now I Come"

violone solo


voice and violone


"Long ére I learn´d the Arts of Warre"

text solo

"Fain would I change that Note"

voice and violone


Tho´my Fortune is out of Tune...

letter to Queen Anne (text and re-tuning of violone)

"What greater Grief"

voice and violone


Letter to Charles I

(text and re-tuning)

"Harke!, Harke!" and

"The true Petition of Capaine Hume, as it was presented to the Lords of the Parliament in 1642"

text and music together

"A Souldier´s Resolution"

music and texts together                                                              

                                                                 ca. 40´































Hr. Mosi / Mr. Moss
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